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Motability Scheme

Motability Scheme

Ford Motability is a registered charity, committed to helping disabled people become mobile through the provision of a car or powered wheelchair. By supplying class-leading vehicles and added value services, Ford’s aim is to provide a service that will really make a difference to you.

Motability is a non-profit making organisation and a registered charity that manages the Schemes where disabled people who receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (HRMC-DLA), or the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement (WPMS) can use their mobility allowance towards the cost of obtaining a car. Parents, a guardian or carers of children from the age of three, and non-drivers can also apply for a car as a passenger by nominating a relative, friend or carer as a named driver.

Motability offers the Contract Hire and Hire Purchase Schemes and Ford offers its own Outright Purchase scheme to people with disabilities.

If you need help or information about your personal mobility needs or for guidance on suitable vehicles, features and prices, visit Ford's Mobility and General Information Centre (MAGIC). MAGIC can also supply facts such as where you can take a test drive and the details of your nearest Motability Accredited Assessment Centre.


Contract Hire Scheme

A new car Contract Hire Scheme is available to anyone who has been awarded the HRMC-DLA or the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement (WPMS) for three years or more.

To participate in the Scheme, the disabled person authorises the payment of their HRMC-DLA or WPMS to Motability Operations in exchange for finance of a vehicle. No credit rating is needed to secure a vehicle as the benefit is paid directly by the Government to Motability Operations. The Contract Hire agreement is based on a fixed-term of three years. The agreement includes the hire of the vehicle, all routine servicing, all maintenance and repairs, fully comprehensive insurance, loss of use protection, provision for other named drivers, a mileage allowance p.a, RAC full breakdown cover, and replacement tyres.

New and Used Hire Purchase Schemes

These Schemes are available through Motability using the HRMC-DLA or WPMS allowance. A customer may choose to exchange some or all of their allowance to finance the purchase of a vehicle on Hire Purchase over a four or five-year period for a new car, and two, three or four years for used cars. For new car sales, the vehicle is sold to the customer by the dealer at 3% discount off the Recommended Retail Price of the car. For used car sales the vehicle is sold at the market price. The customer is then responsible for all insurance, repairs and servicing and for disposing of the vehicle.

Ford's Outright Purchase Scheme

The final Mobility scheme is offered by Ford. This scheme is available to all disabled people, and anyone who has a recognised, legal relationship with a disabled person. Any of these customers may buy a new Ford car from a Ford dealer at 3% discount off the Recommended Retail Price of the car. The scheme is open to anyone who can provide proof of disability or holds a blue or orange badge.

For more information contact our motability specialist Lisa Richardson or you can give us a call on 01375 391 234.

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