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Added: 01 November 2017


The Rates Ford Winter Check - only £24.99

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Why get your Car checked before Winter? 

Here at Rates we find that small checks and early prevention is far more effective and cost effective than just letting a car run until something big happens. Not only does this save our customers lots of hard earnt cash (avoiding big repairs), but it gives them the peace of mind – knowing their car is running smoothly and they are ready for anything – including bad weather conditions. 

We offer a low cost 30 point check service which includes topping up anti-freeze and screen wash, checking wiper blades, tyres, brakes, exhaust, battery, alternator and lights. If anything isn’t quite right we will get it sorted for you before it breaks and costs you real money, or else leaves you stranded out in the cold or at the side of the road.

What should you get checked - and why?

- Tyre condition and Pressure

Worn treads are potentially lethal - for you, innocent bystanders and other road users. Until recently motorists in Britain haven’t adopted  the Continental practice of swapping tyres in the autumn for winter ones – then swapping  back in the spring to summer ones. We can do this for you to keep you safe.

- Battery

Battery failure is one of the most common causes of breakdown. Often people think that car batteries should last forever and the confusion is compounded by batteries claiming to offer "lifetime guarantees" - it’s actually the lifetime of the battery and on average, that’s three years. Sluggish starting is a sure sign that your car battery is getting old.

- Radiators

Radiators might be sporting leaks or cracks which can grow in Winter – let us take a look. Extra glycol-based anti-freeze will help to protect your pipes from bursting. You don’t want your radiator not to work in the freezing cold!

- Wipers

Windscreen wiper blades should ideally be replaced after a year’s use, we can check them out as winter approaches for wear and tear and replace if needed.

- Exhausts

Exhausts work hard all year and are often an unexpected reason for failing MOT’s. According to the Department of Transport, last year more than 7% of petrol cars and light vans and nearly 11% of their diesel counterparts failed their MoT because of high exhaust emissions.

- Cam Belt

If you’ve recently bought a car second hand it could also be worth changing the cam belt, according to the RAC, who have to deal with 36,000 breakdowns a year caused by broken timing belts. A broken belt, they warn, could wreck the engine, causing £1,000s worth of damage, while the cost of fitting a new belt is relatively low by comparison. There are no warning signs that the belt is about to break. That tends to happen as you try to start the engine and the car simply won't run.

- Shock Absorbers

This is one thing you almost certainly won’t be able to check and rectify yourself prior to venturing out on roads, yet research shows that an estimated one in four cars has at least one defective shock absorber. The likelihood is even greater among vehicles that are three or more years old or those that have travelled over 50,000 miles.

The effects of worn `shocks` are serious and include:

•             Reduced braking efficiency & longer braking distances

•             An increased risk of aquaplaning in the wet

•             reduced efficiency of anti-lock brakes

•             sloppy, loose steering control

•             increased tyre wear and reduced grip

•             increased headlight oscillation

•             driver fatigue and passenger discomfort.

Extra items to stay safe when driving in Winter

Winter can add real unpredictability to the conditions of roads and increase the likelihood of accidents.

Even in a perfectly maintained car, sometimes things can happen, we recommend keeping a few essentials in the car with you before you set off:

•             Mobile phone (and charger)

•             Shovel

•             De-icer/ice scraper

•             Blanket / Towel

•             Warm Clothing (Preferably Water Resistant)

•             Wellingtons

•             Torch

•             Hot drink

•             Chocolate bar

•             Extra fuel

Contact us now for your full 30 point check to help stay safe on the roads this Winter!

Rates Ford Winter Check

get sorted for only £24.99

The Rates Ford Winter Check involves a thorough check of 30 safety items. 

This includes:

•             Battery and alternator condition

•             Exhaust condition

•             Tyre condition and pressure

•             Steering and suspension check

•             Cooling system condition and levels

•             Brake condition and fluid level

•             Engine oil level

•             Wiper blade condition

•             Anti-freeze top-up*

•             Screen wash top-up*

•             Condition of exterior lights

*Subject to availability

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