Rates Ford Hunter Wheel Alignment - only the best for your Ford!

Hunter Engineering is the world leader in wheel alignment and wheel balancing. Together with Rates Ford we offer the most effective wheel alignment and balancing at the very best prices. Hunter® equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and service facilities in over 100 countries for one simple reason. Its the best.. 

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is the process of ensuring your vehicle’s wheels
set to the optimum position, as per the car manufacturer’s specifications. Incorrect alignment can result in rapid irregular tyre wear and can even affect the handling and safety of the vehicle.The Hunter system uses a series of high-definition imaging sensors which measure 14 primary alignment angles on your vehicle.  These include Camber, Caster, Thrust Line, Toe in and Toe out. The position and orientation of your wheels are compared against the vehicle manufacturers data for your vehicle, ensuring the vehicle is set up perfectly for you to drive.



How much is this service?

We offer a Hunter Alignment check FREE OF CHARGE. We will only take any corrective steps if something is wrong, and not before.

  • Front Adjustment: £30.00
  • Front and Rear: £40.00

Note: Price includes VAT


Is Wheel Alignment important?

Yes - it's important to get your wheel alignment checked annually to ensure you get the most out of your tyres. Regular wheel alignment can prolong the life of tyres by up to 12,000 miles and increase fuel efficiency (due to the reduced rolling resistance with the road). Not only will this save you pounds at the pump and when replacing tyres, but will actively improve the handling of the vehicle. 


A check only takes two minutes so why not come and see us today?

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Catching wheel alignment problems early is importantWhat can cause Wheel Alignment Problems?

Wheel alignment problems can be caused by hitting a kerb, driving into a pothole in the road or by excessive wear to steering or suspension components. Keep an eye out for unusual wear on your tyres or any change in steering following impacts - this may inlcude signs of premature wear on the inside or outside shoulder, both of which can be a sign of incorrect alignment.

Does putting it off put me at risk?

While wheel alignment is not likely to directly cause an accident, it will affect steering, handling, suspension, fuel economy and may cause further issues if left to get worse.  


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