Rates Ford Motorcraft

The Rates Ford Motorcraft Service keeps older Ford’s running smoothly, meaning you’re free to enjoy life instead! This Service option is applicable for cars which are four years and older, and is designed to improve car life, increase resale value in the long term and ensure that your car is in top shape, no matter where life takes you.


What is Ford Motorcraft?

Ford Motorcraft is an annual service which covers all aspects of an older car's performance - from brakes and steering and fluid levels and battery life - we take care of all the little jobs to give you that extra piece of mind that your car will stay healthy. Just like our other servicing options we only use only genuine Ford parts, all diagnostics are carried out by Ford Technicians and all work carried out is protected by the Rates Ford guarantee of absolute quality.


What does it include?

The Rates Ford Motocraft Service includes: Set pricing for all general repairs. FREE Vehicle checks (30 point echeck / wheel alignment / steering / brakes / battery), top-ups of all fluids (oil / antifreeze / brake fluid / windscreen washer / power steering fluid / transmission oil (if required)). We will also replace your air filter or pollen filter (if required) and ensure all tyre pressures are correct - if the wear on the tyres is uneven we will even rotate your tyres for you. Once that is all done we will wash and vaccum the car so you are all set to go! (For a full breakdown of fixed pricing and jobs included in this service option, please see the bottom of this page). As an added bonus, all of our service options will get you £5 off your next MOT (£30 rather than £35).


Give your car the Rates Ford Motorcraft Service for only £149! 

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The Rates Ford Motorcraft Promise

  • All work is carried out by trusted Ford-trained technicians using the latest diagnostic tools
  • A local price match guarantee on servicing and repairs
  • All prices quoted by your Ford Dealer include parts, labour and VAT
  • We'll only use genuine Ford parts fitted by specialist technicians
  • Individual MOT £30 with Motorcraft (£35 without)
  • Plus, for even greater convenience, you can use One Call for everything Ford: 0203 564 4444.


Car not running right or need to talk about a problem?

No worries, just book your car in with us and we can go from there. Rates can fix any issue for a price that makes sense and will give you the options you need to make the right decision. We only use genuine parts and our technicians are the best. We even have a FREE pickup and delivery service, to find out more just give us a call on 01375 391234 or enquire below. 


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Is the price all inclusive?

Yes. All prices include parts, labour and VAT.

Are you an official Ford Dealership?

Yes, we are one of the oldest Ford dealerships in the UK, with over 60 years offering the very best prices for car sales and best car servicing options in Essex.

Are your technicians Ford trained?

Yes, all of our technicians are Ford trained. We also only use Ford diagnostic equipment and parts. 

Fixed Prices for General Repairs
Repairs Ka, Fiesta, Fusion Focus, C-Max Mondeo, Kuga S-Max, Galaxy Connect Transit
Replace front brake discs and pads


£219.00 £229.00 £259.00 £199.00  £299.00
Replace front brake pads £89.00  £95.00  £109.00  £119.00  £79.00  £89.00
Replace front wiper blades £20.00  £25.00  £30.00  £30.00  £25.00  £30.00
Replace rear brake discs and pads £179.00  £189.00  £189.00  £195.00  £229.00  £379.00
Replace rear brake pads £99.00  £89.00  £89.00  £95.00  £79.00  £89.00
Replace rear wiper blade £10.00  £10.00  £15.00  £10.00  £10.00  £15.00
Replace Battery From
Brake Fluid Change £39  £39 £39 £39 £39 £39
Anti-freeze Coolant Exchange £39 £39 £39 £39 £39 £39
Replacement Front Shock Absorbers £259  £289  £319  £399  £279  £449
Replace Timing Belt** £319  £339  £349  £399  £349  N/A
Replace Timing Belt & Water Pump** £419  £439  £449  £499  N/A  N/A
Replace Clutch*** £489  £529  £689  £799  £499  £649
Replace Starter Motor*** £229  £239  £269  £349  £199  £279
Replace Alternator*** £359  £359  £399  £449 £299  £449


**Excludes Focus and C-MAX 2011 1.0 Ecoboost

***RRP dos not include Dual Mass Flywheel if required

*** Excludes Galaxy 1.9 Turbo Diesel 2000-2006


Services included in Rates Ford Motocraft

Please note that some vehicles may require additional time for particular items. For additional services, such as tyre rotation and car pickup, please ask us in-store.

Oil and Filter Change 30 Point Ford eCheck
Anti-freeze Check and Top-up Brake Fluid Check and Top-up
Wndscreen Washer Check and Top-up Visual Brake Check (Wheels on)
Power Steering Fluid Check and Top-up Battery check
Check and Adjust Tyre Pressure (On All Tyres) Reset Service Light
External Fuel Filter Change (diesel only) Brake Check (wheels off)
Check and Advise on Transmission Oil Level Steering Check
Hunter Alignment Check Wash and Vac
Air filter or Pollen Filter change