Your Ford is important - make sure you look after it!

Often people only realise quite how important their car is once something goes wrong. Ford Service makes sure this never happens, providing the services you need to keep your car in perfect condition from the day you buy it to the day you sell it. Not only do we protect resale value, but we ensure that no matter what the circumstance, we have you covered.

What is Ford Service?

Ford Service is the standard servicing option for Rates Ford Vehicles. It combines servicing, roadside protection and reduces the cost of annual inspections. This service option is recommended to Rates Ford customers because it ensures your car stays in the very best working condition.It also ensures that any extra servicing costs are kept minimal by inlcuding things like diagnostic tests into the plan.

In addition to assurances for Roadside Cover anywhere in the UK, EU and even at home, Ford Service inlcudes FREE eVehicle checks inlcuding brake tests and wheel alignment checks at any Ford Dealership in the UK. We even have a mobile app that will direct you to your closest dealership if anything doesn't feel right.


Ford Service includes:

  • Full Ford Approved Service
  • FREE Roadside Assistance in the UK and EU
  • Rapid Accident Management (with RAC).
  • Trained Ford technicians and Genuine Parts

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Relax - Ford have you covered

With Ford Service you can relax knowing we’re always by your side. That’s why we've created a range of services to help keep you moving and maintain your car in the very best condition.

Ford Service inlcudes: Comprehensive service and maintenance plans. Use of quality Ford parts for added peace of mind. Our Ford trained technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment and tools. Independent quality checks are carried out by the RAC on any service and repair work. One Call for everything Ford 0203 564 4444


What's included in the Service?

Ford Service is by far the cheapest way to service your Ford. In addition to offering fantasic prices for a great set of services, it also ensures no matter where you are in the UK or the EU, even at home, you and your car are covered.

Please note that some vehicles may require additional time for particular items. For additional services, such as tyre rotation and car pickup, please ask us in-store.

Oil and Filter Change 30 Point Ford eCheck
Anti-freeze Check and Top-up Brake Fluid Check and Top-up
Wndscreen Washer Check and Top-up Visual Brake Check (Wheels on)
Power Steering Fluid Check and Top-up Battery check
Check and Adjust Tyre Pressure (On All Tyres) Reset Service Light
External Fuel Filter Change (diesel only) Brake Check (wheels off)
Check and Advise on Transmission Oil Level Steering Check
Hunter Alignment Check Check Condition and Serviceability of Pollen Filter
Air filter change Spark Plugs Replaced (If required)
Wash and Vac  


About Ford Accident Management

Ford Service also inlcudes Ford Accident Management, a fully managed service to assist in handling any claims, vehicle recovery, repair and courtesy car when you’ve had an accident.


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