Professionally Fitted F100 HD Front & Rear Dash Camera

Dash cams reduce the risk of paying out for any smaller accidents such as bumps and scrapes, with incontrovertible evidence that the accident was not your fault. It also negates risk when pursuing insurance claims, with high definition recordings. Dash Cams can also be useful for a wide range of other reasons, such as providing evidence for criminal acts or capturing once in a lifetime events. All videos are easy to share with friends or the rest of the world, with a totally user-friendly video download process. Share your car journeys today!

The F100 model allows you to record cars behind your vehicle to capture accidents from every angle. Features GPS tracking so you can record the date, time and location of all incidents easily and clearly. All videos can be used as evidence for insurance claims or managing legal disputes. 


High Definition Front and Rear Traffic Monitoring




This Product comes fully fitted by professional Ford technicians. That means no wires and no worries about breakages! 

Recorded files can be viewed on any smartphone or pc. This package includes an 16GB micro SD which can be upgraded to the largest size.

We supply and fit

F100 HD Dash Cams for £295 

while you wait.

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