Add OBD Security to your Ford

Updates to technology mean that new Fords are far easier to diagnose if anything goes wrong – Ford technicians use a special port to connect and run tests to get to the heart of the problem instantly.Unfortunately, this new technology comes with a downside – with specialist tools in the wrong hands it may be possible to access key security features in order to create new keys to steal the car.

Rates Ford offer an easy and highly effective solution that greatly increases the security of new Ford cars, while retaining the full advantages of instant reports through diagnostic checks.Put simply we can add a disable switch for the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port, hidden in a location of your choice. This means thieves will not be able to access the diagnostic tool and therefore be unable to steal the car*. 

We supply and fit OBD Security for £149 (inc VAT) while you wait.

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Is it worth it?

Car theft causes stress and can potentially bump up premiums (depending on your policy), but the real downside is inconvenience and the feeling of being robbed. Quite apart from making travel arrangements a nightmare, it can take some time for insurance companies to process claims, so even if you are covered and your premiums do not increase - it can be some time until you are back on the road. Here at Rates Ford we just don't think that's a good option, which is why we recommend taking a proactive approach with our protection against theft using on-board diagnostics tools.  

While there are other security solutions on the market, this is the most cost effective option to fully protect new vehicles with OBD ports from theft. It also means that you don’t have to purchase any new equipment or modify your vehicle – which could potentially create problems further down the line.

Just ask us today about securing your car -  it can even be done while you wait. Why not visit us today and check out our official Ford mechanise in our new parts centre while you are here!

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*Please note: This is a prevention tool that will disable the OBD port while activated. It cannot stop thieves stealing your vehicle by other means. Cars should always be stored in secured locations or well lit areas with CCTV security to limit the risk of theft.


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