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Beat the Car Thief

Stop car thieves in their tracks with a complete security pack. 

Pack includes: Anti-scan Wallet, ODB Lock Protector and Rep Lock.

Available for £299.99 (Supplied and Installed)


Ford Fiesta & Ford Focus Security Pack 

The smarter way to protect your car against thieves.

Today's car thieves are highly intelligent and capable, and most drivers are unaware of how their new technology can be manipulated to a thief's advantage.

The security pack aims to protect the three most vulnerable points which car thieves utilise and halt their ability to steal a car quickly and without other alarm systems kicking in first.  


The Anti-scan wallet protects your keys wireless signal when not in use, preventing thieves from manipulating it to access the vehicle. Its special lining blocks all signals, with a front design that allows the signal to pass through when the car is being driven, meaning it never has to be removed from the wallet and your car is always protected.


The ODB lock protector stops any thieves from being able to access to the On-board Diagnostics System and preventing them from being able to bypass the immobiliser or copy the cars key. The lock is highly secured and designed to make a thief unable to ustilise technical tools to bypasss security systems.


The RepLock is a replacement for the OE driver's door barrel, which effectively prevents theives from being able to pick the lock, break the lock with hand tools or bypass the vehicles central locking system. It also prevents screwdriver entry. The RepLock's patented design requires no drilling or replacement of the mechanism.

Additional Security Options

We also offer a wide range of additional security for the full range of Ford vehicles.


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